1. SAM BRADLEY: Not Your Kind [director, dop, editor]


  2. JESSIE J: Alive at the O2 [editor, camera op]


  3. UNION J: Beethoven (Osea Sessions) [director, dop, editor]


  4. BASEMENT JAXX: Live at Somerset House Series highlights [director, producer, editor]


  5. SECRET COMPANY: Chelmsford Sessions [director, producer, dop, editor]


  6. UNION J: Tour Spot [producer, editor]


  7. JESSIE J: WIld Studio Teaser [dop, editor]


  8. CHALLENGE UNION J: Busking (online series) [director, producer, dop, editor]


  9. BENGA: Forefather (lyric video) [director, editor]


  10. THE SLOW REVOLT: This Dark Matter (session) [director, dop, editor]


  11. CHESTER ROCKS 2013: Teaser [director, editor]


  12. BECKY HILL: The Rebelations episode 2 (online series) [director, producer, dop, editor]


  13. ONE DIRECTION: Nial’s Promo Shoot [dop, editor]


  14. CANTERBURY: Saviour [director, dop, editor]


  15. BOY JUMPS SHIP: Black Hearts Don’t Beat [director, producer, dop, editor]